DJI Phantom Vision Latest Video And Release Date


On September 9th, DJI Innovations announced that it would be cutting prices significantly on its popular DJI Phantom quadcopter, from $679 down to $479! DJI is reducing prices in preparation of its release of the next generation Phantom II and the Phantom Vision with integrated optics, which is now says will be available in November 2013. I know that a lot of people in the quadcopter world are anxiously awaiting the introduction of these two quadcopter models, so it’s great to hear that DJI has given the Phantom Vision a release date.

DJI Phantom Vision Prototype

Here’s a sneak look at the DJI Phantom Vision quadcopter from DJI Innovation CEO Colin Guinn, taken very recently! Still awaiting a DJI Phantom release date, but hopefully will get one soon. He shows and discusses the new iPhone/mobile (Android and iOS) mount that enables real-time FPV right on the remote controller.

In case you haven’t seen the initial demo/interview from a few months ago at the NAB show, be sure to check it out as well:

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