Monday, October 10th, 2016

Watch the video and take action to save our hobby before it's too late.

Act now... don't delay. Flying RC planes, helicopters, gliders and multirotors is a hobby under dire threat of elimination from the "desk pilots" at EASA. Please be sure to make a submission to the EASA on this matter (send emails to: ) and watch these videos for more very important information.

Here's the link to sign the petition to try and stop this nonsense if you live in the UK...

Simon Dale's excellent summary and call to action:

CurryKitten's take on the issue:

Painless360 has his say:

Joshua Bardwell's video

UAV Futures says:

Here's the link to sign the petition to try and stop this nonsense if you live in the UK...

Quadcopter Hoverboard

Monday, May 25th, 2015

Quadcopter hoverboard makes it into the Guiness Book of Records! Is this the "Back To The Future" future of quadcopters?

It's not really fair to say that hoverboards don't exist -- they do, in wildly varying forms. Unfortunately they also happen to be pretty... raw. Which means they are either unable to work for more than a few seconds or require a surface substrate rippling with an opposing magnetic field to get around.

Still, the hope remains that a functioning mass-market hoverboard will become a possibility one day -- perhaps even before everyone who saw Back To The Future in cinemas is too old to try it out.

Today we've come one step closer, thanks to Catalina Alexandru Duru who has just broken the official record for the longest flight ever on a hoverboard.

Using his own conception of a floating skateboard -- this time a horizontal board powered by two massive fans like a quadcopter, rather than a water jet or magnets -- Duru managed to fly 905 feet and 2 inches over the surface of Lake Ouareau in Quebec, Canada, under the watchful gaze of Guinness World Records.

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